Welcome to Face Cards!

NOTE: This page has been updated to fit the release of 1.1. Have fun!

Let’s get started. This quick start guide will quickly get you started with the basics of Face Cards.

In Face Cards there are 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a set, which is a group of faces.
  2. Take pictures and add names and other traits.
  3. Finally, practice and review your faces!

We’ll go through these steps one by one.

Step 1 – Create a group of faces

When you launch Face Cards on iPhone, a list of your groups called “My Sets” appears. Tap a group, called a set, to view its faces, names, and photos. On iPad, your sets appear on the left side of the screen.

To create a set, simply tap the + button on the top-right corner of the screen. You can then name your set anything you want. Tap OK to confirm, and your set is created.

When you want to delete a set, tap Edit or swipe left on the set’s name. Then you can confirm deletion.

To rename any set, tap on the set, then choose Rename on the set’s page. Type in the new name. You can use any name, as long as it is not the same as another set.

Once you’ve created a set, you can head to the next step.

Step 2 – Take photos and add names

Tap on a set to view its faces. Here you can use flash cards, add faces, and edit them.

To add a face to the set, tap the + on the top right corner. Face Cards creates a default face and adds it to your set. To add a photo, tap “Add New Photo”.  Then you can either use the camera or browse your photo library to select a picture. You can add as many pictures as you want per face! On the top of the screen, you can type in the name. Optionally, you can add traits for the person in About field.

To view a face you’ve already created, tap the card in your set. The face’s details and photos will appear. If you want to edit the face, tap Edit. You can change the name, traits (in About field), and photos.

Want to delete a face’s photo? Just tap on the photo and choose Delete.

To delete an existing face, tap the face, then tap Edit on the top right corner, then tap “Delete Face”.

Did you know?

With our updated version, you can simply swipe between faces in the face editor!

Once you’ve got a collection of faces, you can head over to Step 3 to practice your faces!

Step 3 – Practice your faces!

You can review the photos and names, or test yourself, all with using our activities.

To use our flash cards, tap the set, then tap “Flash Cards”. A card with a photo will appear. To reveal the photo’s name, tap “Reveal” and the name will appear on the top. You can use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons to navigate through your set of faces.

We have a new game called “Matching”. With matching, simply tap on a name, then tap on the person’s photo. If you’ve got a pair correct, “Correct” will appear in the bottom right corner of the pair’s name and photo. Once you’ve got everything correct, you can see how long it took and even retry for a better game.

Want to restart matching in the middle of the game? No problem! Tap “Retry” at any time.

We’ll have more activities with every major update, waiting for you!

That’s all you need to know! Need more help? Our Support page has you covered.

Look at our blog to find lots of updates!


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